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WHO WE ARE:  We are a small group of dedicated peace and justice activists. Over the years, we have evolved from an informal, multi-generational sing-along type group into a formal, adult mixed-voice community choir.  Members remain committed to the idea that this is a singing community for all singers. 

ENROLLMENT:  We do not enroll members throughout the year. Our enrollment period is in the month of September only.  We ask choir members to commit for the entire season (Sept through May) and to be present for all scheduled performances.

MUSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  There are no auditions.  This is a safe place for people of many abilities to sing together in harmony.  Prospective members who have marked difficulty hearing and matching pitch should speak to the director to determine what they will need to do to support their learning of music.

REHEARSALS:  Mondays, 6:30 – 8 pm, Sept – May; for location email avandlt@cruzio.com

FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS:  We are a self-sustaining group that relies on member dues and fundraisers to meet our expenses.  These include paying our accompanist and director, and purchasing learning materials, sheet music, and supplies.  The Chorale has always had a commitment to stay open to anyone who wishes to be a member, regardless of their finances.  No one is turned away, but we do ask members to pledge what they can to help keep SCPC afloat.  Currently we have a sliding scale of $30-$60 per member per month, which allows us to meet a bare-bones budget.  With that in mind, everyone pays according to their ability; some pay more, some pay less.  We ask that your pledge be considered a season-long commitment, regardless of your rehearsal attendance. 

ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS:  This is not a drop-in group.  Therefore, we ask everyone to:

  • Be present at all rehearsals and performances.
  • We know that everyone has emergencies and family needs or scheduling conflicts.  In the event of an emergency or unavoidable scheduling conflict, call or e-mail the Director directly to let her know.  Please also contact your section leader, a section buddy or music librarian to get what you missed.  
  • If you miss more than one rehearsal, talk to the Director to determine whether or not you can take responsibility for what you missed.  If you can’t fulfill this responsibility, you may be asked to withdraw from part or all of a performance.  WE ASK THAT YOU PLAN YOUR VACATION TIME DURING OUR HIATUS TIMES.  

MEMBER RESPONSIBILITIES:  As one member put it, “no auditions” doesn’t mean “no practice.”  It does take work, willingness and commitment!  Members are expected to:

  • Know and respect the rehearsal and performance schedule, as well as what materials will be needed at each rehearsal.
  • Attend all rehearsals and performances.
  • Be on time.  For rehearsals, arrive 15 minutes early and be ready to sing at the designated start time.
  • Be prepared for each rehearsal.  Practice during the week by listening to rehearsal tapes, following along with the music and words, and adhering to changes and adjustments given in prior rehearsals.  Practice with section mates during the week when possible.  Rehearsal time is often for refining, not learning anew.


  • NO FRAGRANCES – Please, no perfumes or strong scents at rehearsals or performances
  • HANG UP & SING – No cell phones in rehearsals or performances
  • STAY FOCUSED – Respect your fellow singers and the director by staying focused during rehearsal time; listen to and watch the director.  Do not talk during the rehearsal.  If you have a question that pertains to your section or the group, please raise your hand.  Keep rehearsal questions and comments related to the music being learned.  Hold side conversations and socializing to the periods before and after rehearsals.
  • PRACTICE GRATITUDE – As our closing action at each rehearsal, we aim to take a moment to applaud one another.  Make the effort to thank your fellow singers and our director.  Express appreciation for this work that we all do together.
  • RESPECT OUR HOSTS by adhering to the following:
  1. Our host passes along the request that we kindly not use any of their equipment or supplies (such as small tables, altar rails, piano, organ, etc) as shelves, music holders or seats.
  2. For sectional practices, please do not use the new Kauai piano–the old one by the door is fine.
  3. No food in the building, and no water bottles or food on ANY of the wooden surfaces – this means no water bottles or music binders on the pianos, altar rails, or pipe organ.
  4. It is to be understood that this building is offered to SCPC members from 5:30 pm on Mondays for sectional practice only.  Using it for any other personal purpose should be cleared with the host location directly, and it should be understood that this would be an agreement entered into with the host location that does not involve cutting into SCPC’s Monday practice schedule.
  5. Finally, now that they’ve re-polished the floors, they ask that we try our best not to drag or scrap chairs across the floor.

Our host has been very generous with us for many years by donating the rehearsal and performance space to us.  Thank you for respecting all above requests and for keeping our relationship with them a mutually beneficial one!


  • SHEET MUSIC is initially distributed at rehearsals.  Practice CDs for some songs are available when possible.  Contact the music librarian for additional copies.  Donations to cover the cost of materials are appreciated.
  • BLACK BINDER (1” with 3 rings) is required to hold your music.
  • CLEAR PLASTIC SLEEVES for each page of music are required for performance.  Plastic covered pages are to be inserted in your binder in the order of performance.  This allows for the quiet turning of pages.
  • PENCIL with an eraser is needed to make notes regarding the music.
  • PORTABLE AUDIO RECORDER if desired – Since ability to read music is not required, you are encouraged to record songs at rehearsal to facilitate learning the music outside of rehearsal time. 
    • SCPC black T-shirt (See wardrobe coordinator for T-shirt orders)
    • Either solid black pants or skirt
    • Please, no prints or patterns
    • Solid black/dark footwear and socks/hosiery.
    • No sandals

MEMBER COMMUNICATION:  A member roster of phone numbers and email addresses is created each season.  Our corresponding secretary coordinates e-mail communication and notifications regarding rehearsals and events.  The director routinely sends out emails.  If you are a member who does not use e-mail, find another member who is willing to call you regarding email updates and information.  Use the roster to call or e-mail members directly when you need to find out necessary information.  Roster is available online in the “Members Only” section of website.

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