2013 Concert

May 18 – “Unison in harmony – Celebrating Sustained Activism Around the World”

Peace Chorale FLyer

  1. AMANI  UTUPE—by Patsy Simms. The Swahili  (Kenya/Eastern Africa) says “Grant us peace, give us courage.”
  2. SHOSHOLOZA—Traditional song originally from Zimbabwe, made popular in South Africa, sung by migrant diamond mineworkers
  3. KEEP YOUR LAMPS!—Traditional, arr. by Victor Johnson
  4. ONE WORLD, ONE CHANCE—Traditional, a chant by “Raised Voices” chorus in England, written for the Climate Change Demonstration in London, 2005
  5. FOUR PRINCIPLES—by Aileen Vance, a 4-part round that proclaims the reasons we sing
  6. THE SPIRIT OF WHAT IS RIGHT—A collaborative spoken-word piece written by all of our members, April, 2013, in response to the questions “What sustains you?  What keeps you going?”
  7. A SONG SUNG ONCE—by Amy F. Bernon
  8. ELLA’S SONG—by Bernice Johnson Reagon
  9. IF NOT NOW—by Carrie Newcomer
  10. ASIKATHALI/IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU SHOULD JAIL US—So. Africa, “We are free and kept alive by hope.”
  11. THE SAME BOAT, BROTHER!—by Yip Harburg & Earl Robinson
  12. FOOLISH NOTION—by Holly Near, arr. by Aileen Vance, “Why do we kill people who are killing people to show that killing people is wrong?”
  13. UNISON IN HARMONY—by Jim Boyes, arr. by Aileen Vance
  14. STAND BY ME—by Ben E. King, Jerry Leiber, & Mike Stoller; arr. by Joanne Hammil


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