2014 Concert

May 17 – “The Struggle Carries On!”PeaceChor14color

1. Hand-Painted Banners (music: John Stafford Smith; words: Ellen Davidson/Tarak Kauff)
2. Ubuntu (Mark Hayes)
3. Soyilwela  (We Struggle)
4. The New Internationale (music: Pierre De Geyter; words: Billy Bragg)
5. All That We Do (music: Kate Munger; text: Hopi elders)
6. Poem for South African Women (June Jordan)
7. We Are the Ones We Been Waiting For (Bernice Johnson Reagon)
8. Earth Moves in a Mysterious Way (lyrics: Betsy Rose; to the tune of “Dundee,” an old hymn from “The Scottish Psaltery”)
9. Be the Dream (music: Silvio Rodríguez; words: Anders Nyberg)
10. Ndandihleli – A South African traditional love song that has recently been updated to become an HIV/AIDS activism song
11. I Dreamed of Rain (Jan Garrett)
12. Torn Screen Door (David Francey; arranged by Earle Peach)
13. Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell)
14. When Peace Shall Come (John Jacobson & John Purifoy)
15.  Struggle! (music: William “Smokey” Robinson & Ronald White; new words: Bernard Gilbert & Aileen Vance)

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