2019 Concert

May 18 – “Until the Last Chain Falls!”






  1. Love Reaches Out – Emma’s Revolution
  2. Hold Everybody Up – Melody De More
  3. The Storm is Passing Over – C.A. Tindley, arr. Barbara Baker
  4. Donny Too Bad – Music by Jimmy Cliff; lyrics by Bill Bortin and sung by Bill Bortin
  5. Lux Aeterna – K. McGuire, J. Welch, D. Payne, a selection from their larger work “Street Requiem,” soloist: Abigail Meloche 
  6. Offertory – same as above
  7. Why We Build the Wall – Anais Mitchell, from her play “Hadestown”
  8. Lady of the Harbor – Joe Jencks, arr. Aileen Vance
  9. Indanee – Rolanda Mousaa & Tom Pacheco
  10. Slave Song Trilogy – 3 traditional African American slave code songs from 1800s, arranged by Melody De More
  11. 1000 Grandmothers – Holly Near, arr. Glenn Merbach
  12. If You Want Peace (Work for Justice) – Charlie King, arr. Aileen Vance